Manage  your application  security testings  on a single  interactive platform

The new interactive application security platform that can collect and combine all the data and results to provide seamless interaction and integration of all tools

Strengthen vulnerability detection via interaction among solutions

  • Provide API that can enable interaction among vulnerability assessment tools
  • Provide API for storing various data generated in the vulnerability check as interaction information (that can be used in other solution)
  • Improved vulnerability detection by using stored interaction information from other tools

Unified management of security vulnerabilities

  • InteractiveHUB gathers various AST tools analysis results and classifies them by type (providing statistics, indicators, and trend graphs)
  • Generate risk index through vulnerability assessment result analysis and identify application's vulnerability risk level
  • Provide API to work with various vulnerability analysis tools

Provide association information between vulnerabilities

  • Identify the same vulnerability among the detection results of different tools and allow users to overview various detailed vulnerability information from various tools at once
  • Identify source code associated information and vulnerabilities that cause the vulnerability

Supported Environment

• Java


- Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss AS, Wildfly, WebLogic, WebSphere Liberty Profile, JEUS ... etc

• Web Framework

- Spring Framework

• JDBC Driver

- Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Postgre SQL, Maria DB, HyperSQL ... etc

• DB Framework

- MyBatis (iBatis), Hibernate

• .NET

- CLR 4.0

System Requirement

• CPU: Dual Core 2GHz Server or later

• HDD: 100G or larger

• Memory: 2G or higher

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