About Sparrow
Since 2007, Sparrow has dedicated itself to developing accurate and efficient application security testing solutions to cope with new technology trends such as cloud, mobile, and DevSecOps. Sparrow application security suite provides intelligent and comprehensive application security testing solutions that include SAST, DAST, RASP with machine learning capabilities and is able to manage all these tools in a single interactive platform.
"A global company that enhances the value of software"
Thank you for visiting Sparrow Co., Ltd. In a rapidly changing IT world, software quality and security have become two words that cannot be overemphasized. Also , as IoT and smart devices are becoming a part of our daily life, two words are becoming more important than ever and they are indispensable parts of the future. Starting from a small business unit of Fasoo. com and with 10 years of experience, Sparrow is now ready to re - establish itself as a synonym of software quality and security. Sparrow wants to provide something beyond great software tools, we will provide a solution that will truly deliver the value you want and contribute to the work & life balance of all SW developers around the world. We will do our best to become a company that is essential for SW developers, service operators, and all service users.
Mission & Vision
  • Guarantees Quality & Security in Software
  • Be responsible for the quality and security of the software so
  • our customers can fully enjoy the software’s value and digital world.
  • 2020 IPO, Maximize corporate value and gain the trust of our customers & partners
  • 2025 Top3 Global Software Testing Company
Company overview
Established 2018. 5. 8.
Company name Sparrow Co., Ltd.
CEO Il Soo Chang
Business area Software security, software quality, security consulting
Place of business Global HQ 396 World Cup Buk-ro 17th Fl. Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03925, Korea
US HQ 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 420, Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel. +82-2-300-9100