The faster, more secure and more efficient!
Fast and easy to useInstantly analyze after purchase.Thorough securitySecurity by using HTTPS and separating storages.Reduce cost and resourceOnly billed based on usage. No other costs.
Cloud vs. On-premises
Cloud On-premises
Static Application Security Testing
Static Application Quality Testing
Actual code-based fix guide (Active Suggestion)
Support various analysis technologies(pattern analysis, semantic analysis, MVC structure analysis, correlation analysis, etc.)
Analyze non-compiled languages(Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, C#, ASP(.NET), VB(.NET), Python, etc.)
Provide reports in PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
Support various domestic/internation compliance guides(OWASP Top 10, CERT C/C++, MISRA C/C++, CWE, etc)
Incremental analysis that only analyzes added or modified codes
C/C++ analysis
CLI analysis/Batch analysis
Integration with IDE, build management tool(CI), issue management tools(ITS), etc.
Checker group function
Integration with DAST, RASP, etc.
Cloud On-premises
Vulnerability check
Share check results
Replay analysis results
Event clipboard
Print reports
Implementation analysis
Users, permission management
LDAP integration
License By number of analysis By period, number of users, concurrent analysis